Quiet Girls

If you're a 'quiet' person, how do you know you are? Is it an identity of your own or one that others place on you? Is it something you embrace or struggle with?

Community performance project at The Point Eastleigh in Spring & Summer 2021

I'm an Associate Artist at The Point and over the summer I have been working with a group of local women  on a new theatre project exploring the nature of quietness, how this can be both a strength and a limitation on women’s self-expression and their place in the world, and why now is a time to listen. Taking as a starting point that ‘new ideas come from silence’ the project aims to express that what the world needs now is to listen more; that there are many women whose voices are not being heard, and that there is great value in giving space to them.

Quiet Girls - a sharing

We shared a first draft of the work we've been creating at The Point in September 2021. You can see a video trailer of the work-in-progress here


We will be continuing to develop the work and the participant project in the new year with the aim of producing the show later in 2022.

If you'd be interested in keeping in touch with the development of the show, or if you'd like to be part of a future participant group, please do contact me through the website or email us at quiet.girls.project@gmail.com

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