Quiet Girls

If you're a 'quiet' person, how do you know you are? Is it an identity of your own or one that others place on you? Is it something you embrace or struggle with?

Community performance project at The Point Eastleigh in Spring & Summer 2021

I'm an Associate Artist at The Point and I'm looking for participants to work with me on a new theatre project exploring the nature of quietness, how this can be both a strength and a limitation on women’s self-expression and their place in the world, and why now is a time to listen. Taking as a starting point that ‘new ideas come from silence’ the project aims to express that what the world needs now is to listen more; that there are many women whose voices are not being heard, and that there is great value in giving space to them.

Free training in peer mentoring, movement and voice

For participants this project will include training in peer mentoring, written and practical exercises that explore listening and facilitation as a route to unpacking quietness, and movement and vocal coaching. Workshops will start in the new year and take place one evening a week over 2 months. There will be opportunities to perform as part of the project if you would like to, but no pressure if you prefer not to! 

This is an inter-generational project for women of all ages. If you identify as quiet (whatever that means to you) and would like to explore that more, we would love to hear from you. The project is open to women 18+ from any background (16+ with parental consent).

Get in touch

If you'd be interested in taking part, or know others who might be, please follow the link to this short google form to register your interest. 


By completing this form I consent to Gemma Kerr contacting me by email. I understand that she will not share my email with other companies or individuals unless I explicitly give permission. I understand that she will store my contact details for the sole purpose of keeping me informed about this project and opportunities that may arise from it. 

If you have any more questions please feel free to email me through this website or on kerr.gemma@gmail.com

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