Omnibus Clapham

October 2014

Designer: Lorna Ritchie

Lighting: Will Reynolds

Sound: Ed Lewis

Photos by Steve Gilbert Scott

Cast: Luke Adamson, Jack Bennett, Samuel Collings, Gregory Finnegan, Jennifer Jackson, Hannah James Scott, Alex Phelps, Francesca Tomlinson, Steve Gilbert Scott

‘The outdoor settings are incredibly atmospheric… the ambitious staging adds an intriguing new dimension to the work…a bewitchingly original interpretation.’ 

**** Time Out

‘A smart and deeply atmospheric production… This Macbeth takes us out of the comfort zone and plunges us into the dark places of not just the Common but the human soul’
***** The Londonist

'The secret to a successful site-specific production is a seamless symbiosis between story and location and Omnibus has achieved exactly that… '


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